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Owned and Managed by Kevin Hopper, SkyworX Aviation will Maintain and assemble your Kit Aircraft on your behalf to help speed up the process, so you can do what you've always wanted to do....FLY!

Skyworx is the Designer and manufacturer of the SkyworX Teddy SW-18.

We assemble and maintain all of the Van's RV range of aircraft, we are also the factory approved Maintenance Centre for the FLIGHT DESIGN "CTSW & CTLS" as well as the Alpi Aviation's "Pioneer" Range of Aircraft.

We also specialise in C of A's on newly imported aircraft and we are also an approved insurance repair shop, from wiring to sheet metal work.



Manufactured by "SKYWORX AVIATION" in Krugersdorp the TEDDY SW-18 is strongly based on the legendary Piper "CUB".

SKYWORX uses Modern materials, technology, as well as your choice of either a "ROTAX" 912 ULS (100 HP) or the JABIRU 6 Cylinder 3300 (125 HP) Powerplant! These engines make uge improvements on original performance Characteristics.

The low operational cost due to use of automotive fuel and low fuel consumption make the TEDDY a very attractive proposition. The "TEDDY" can be registered as a Non Type Certified Aircraft. (NTCA)

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What SkyworX is all about?

Based at the Jack Taylor Airodrome in Krugersdorp, we strive to maintain, manufacture and restore almost all aircraft types to the highest possible quality. Kevin and his team work together to meet their customers every requirement.

Our work ethic and quality has been inherrited through many years of experience and fine attention to detail, we also try and approach all our projects with a fresh and innovative perspective to ensure the well being of the Skyworx reputation and of course the safety of all the aircraft maintained and manufactured at our facility.

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